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A primary school teacher by profession, Tsen Peng-Wei has turned her everyday into an imaginary playground full of wonder and delight. Filled with humour and accompanied by Bei Lynn’s evocative illustrations, these are stories to entertain those big and small.

The Nowhere School:
The Nowhere School sits on top of the Nowhere Mountains. Outsiders often get lost in the meandering pathways and the permanent mist, so it is rare for those who don’t know where to look to find this special place. But if you ever get the chance, you will find many wonders: the Ferris wheel library, the Wood-Tub Fying Ship, the Wave Slide, not to mention the people! Mr Slowly Does It, and Mrs No Change who mans the tuck shop… Going to school has never been such fun!

The Nowhere Mountains:
High up in the Nowhere Mountains, deep in the mist and fog, is the hidden No Way In Lane. And if you’re lucky enough to find your way in, you just might come across Mr Priceless Treasures who keeps secrets, or buy a pair of ice glasses from the spectacles shop which have the power to make everything clear again. Or you could go to the hundred-year-old medicine shop and buy yourself some Ba-la-ba-la-wu-jee-lee-ga herbs to give you confidence. Or, of course, you could choose to go to the Scarier Than Going Down the Mountain at Night By Yourself hairdressers run by Mrs Quick Scissors… If you’ve managed to survive that, then there’s always the Nowhere Mountain’s most delicious treat, the Rainbow Tree, dripping with the most delicious sweets you could ever hope to find!

The Nowhere Headmaster:
The Nowhere School has just got itself a new headmaster, but no one knows what he looks like. He’s always got new ideas, like Bring Your Pet to School day. But whatever you do, don’t go winning the Nowhere School Spelling Bee, because the consequences will be beyond your imagination… But most of all, the Nowhere School’s new headmaster is trying to think of the best possible present to send to his pupils for Children’s Day. Clearly he doesn’t know what a Grapefruit Giant, a Whispering Chicken, or a Bag of Oolong Leaves are! Honestly!



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Category: Middle Grade Fiction
Publisher: Commonwealth Magazine
Date: 1/2008; 8/2008; 10/2013
Pages: 128pp; 128pp; 188pp
Length: 19,000 characters each

(approx. 12,000 words in English)

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