• Books from Taiwan Asian Edition 2018

    Not Your Everyday Three Kingdoms by Somebody Sue; Church Economics by Lai Cheng-Chung, Su Peng-Yuan; Let’s Talk About Sex by Shu Yu-Shen; Wounded Children, Broken Adults by Chen Chih-Heng; How to Raise Confident, Capable Kids by Liao Sheng-Kuang; Step by Step by Joyce Huang; Foot Massage at Home by Chen Ming-Jen; Down These Cobbled Streets by Monlo Hsieh; One Fine Table by Lisa Shen; The Elements of Note-Taking by Esor Huang; Hello Marriage, Goodbye Love by Teng Hui-Wen; Stop Telling Me It’ll Be All Right by Chang Min-Chu; Tired at Heart by Chen Yen-I; Emotional Shadows by Hsu Hao-Yi; Daemon Tales: Endless Night by Taipei Legend Studio; A Trader’s Soul by Huang Kuo-Hua; The Nearly Normal High School by Wing; The Witch’s Spearhead by Xerses; Yuli the Editor by Yuli Hsu; Ginseng for the Wage Earner’s Soul by Pony Pei

    Books from Taiwan Asian Edition 2018
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 9 Comics

    Her Majesty, Queen Dorothy (Vol. 5) by Senya; Catterdamerung (Vol. 4): Wrath of Xib Ywj by Yeh Yu-Tung; The Hidden Level (Vol. 6) by Chang Sheng; What She Put on The Table by Zuo Hsuan, Wen Yu-Fang, Chang Ko-Hsin; Going My Way? (Vol. 1) by Sally; No Regrets @ Taipei (Vol. 3) by Mickeyman; Strangers Bound by Fate by Kuang Hsia Chia; The Pink Ribbon by Monday Recover; Ocean-Colored Polari by Wu Yu-Shi; Etudes for Papa by Sean Chuang

    Books from Taiwan Issue 9 Comics
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 8

    The Ecstasy of Galaxies by Wu Jih-Wen; Yesterday’s Rain by Wang Ting-Kuo; Mysterious Women by Roan Ching-Yueh; Weave by Chang Chih-Hsin; Message from another World by Chen Yu-Chin; Ching Ling Foo by Chang Kuo-Li; The Whisper by Chang Yu-Ko; The Divine Flesh by Teensy; Fix by Wolf Hsu

    Books from Taiwan Issue 8
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 8 Children's Books

    A New Year's Wish by Wang Wen-Hwa, Aling Chen; Brownc Is Stuck! by Garlic Crush Studios; Who's that Hiding in the Bushes? by Cheng Chieh-Wen; I'm Starving! by Hsieh Ming-Fang, Ho Yun-Tzu; The Toy Clinic by Fang ​Su-Zhen, ​Hao Lou-Wen; Baby Owl Learns to Fly by He Hua-Ren; A Dinnertime Adventure by Sun Chyng-Feng, Chen Chi-Hsien; The Princess and the Butterfly by K. T. Hao, Monica Barengo; Don't Tell a Soul by Tung Chia; Tennis Teen by Tung Shao-Yin; The Daemon Times: Moonlight Terror by Wang Yu-Ching, George Wang

    Books from Taiwan Issue 8 Children's Books
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 7

    Notes of a Crocodile by Qiu Miaojin; Tangut Inn by Lou Yi-Chun; The Summer General Winter Came by Kan Yao-Ming; Awaiting the Moon by Liu Dan-Chiu; Lightless by Ng Kim Chew; A-Ga by Yang Fu-Min; My Name Is Hsu Liang-Liang by Lee Wei Jing; Where Are You Going, Little Monkey? by Tsui Yung-Yen; One Hundred Pigs and One Hundred Wolves by Tsai Shing-Jane, Huang Chih-Ming; Hitching a Ride with Mr. Cat by Hsiao Ching-Lien, Maureen; My Little Blue Dress by Chang You-Ran; Puppy and I by Kuo Nai-Wen, Zhou Jian-Xin

    Books from Taiwan Issue 7
  • Books from Taiwan Asian Edition 2017

    Speaking to Spirits by Sophiyah Liu; Japan, Inside and Out by Tsai Yi-Chu; More Than Winning: What I Learned from Life in Norway by Lee Hao-Chung; Investing in Classical Music by Hu Keng-Ming; A Masterclass in Logical Fallacies by Chienchih Chi; An Illustrated Guide to Taiwanese Temples by Kuo Hsi-Pin; No Perfect Parents by Lo I-Chun; Raising Kids in the Swipe-Happy Era by Wang Wen-Hua; Swirl Your Wine Glass by Cynthia Lee; Taiwan Museum Trail: Go! by Su Ming-Ju; Emotional Blackmail by Chou Mu-Tzu; Let Me Listen to You by Hung Chung-Ching; Here’s to the Hearts That Ache by Shun-Hui Su; When Depressy Strikes, Hold It Tight by Lin Yu-Heng Lin, Lin Pai; Detention: The Nightmare Returns by Ling Jing, Red Candle Games; Long Night by Chen Yu; Oh, and Happy Birthday by Tsao Hsiao-Ju; Life of a Summoner by Cao Cao Ni; I Scare Myself Sometimes by Deer Lee; The Phantom’s Agent by Pepper

    Books from Taiwan Asian Edition 2017
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 7 Comics

    Legends of Assassins by Chen Uen; 1661 Koxinga Z by Li Lung-Chieh; Fungus by Nim; The Poet Sorcerer by Yeh Ming-Hsuan; The Corner Store by Ruan Guang-Min; Left Hand by SALLY; Halo-Halo Manila by Jimmeh Aitch; Small town, Southern Time by 61 Chi; The Park by Tseng Yao-Ching; Factory by Yang Yu-Chi

    Books from Taiwan Issue 7 Comics
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 6

    Stealing Time by Yang Zhao; Still Life by Wang Tsung-Wei; Nine Days and Nine Nights by Yang Tu; The Fog Catcher by Huang Wei-Ting; For Real by Marula Liu; Call Me Up in Dreamland by Wolf Hsu; The Grand Candidius Hotel by Lee Po-Ching; So Close yet So Far by Jimmy Liao

    Books from Taiwan Issue 6
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 6 Children's Books

    Granny Lin's Peach Tree by Liu Chen-Kuo; Papa Mountain by Tsao Yi-Hsin; Little White Goose Wants a Tan by Tai Pera; The Hero's Cup by Tsai Chao-Lun; Specially for You by Hsu Yu-Jung; The Clouded Leopard's Rooftops by Wang Chuen-Tz; Cinderella's Tiara by WaHa Huang; Asleep All Day Long by Chen Pei-Hsiu; A Day in the Life of a Lighthouse by Lin Chuan-Zong; The Thief by Wang Shu-Fen, Hsu Chih-Hung

    Books from Taiwan Issue 6 Children's Books
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 5

    Hometown at Dusk by Roan Ching-Yueh; Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong by Ma Ka-Fai; Burning Bright by Cheng Ying-Shu; Aaron the Fox by Wang Mei-Hui & Chen Pin-Rui; Little Things I, II by Jay Yeh, Bei Lynn, Tsui Li-Chun, Yang Li-Ling, Chien Yin, Tai Pera, Yu Chia-Chi, Ho Yun-Tzu, Claire Cheng, Tsai Chia-Hua, Li Yi-Ting; The Squirrel and the Banyan Tree by Zhou Jian-Xin; Silhouettes by Sun Hsin-Yu; Adventure at Night by Liao Shu-Ti; I Want Some! and Do You Want Some? by Huang Yu-Chin & Tsao Juei-Chih

    Books from Taiwan Issue 5
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 5 Comics


    Rites of Returning by Zuo Hsuan; The Taming of the Warrior by You Gui-Xiu; Scroll of a Northern City II by AKRU; Oldman by Chang-Sheng; Big City, Little Things by HOM; Son of the Sea by Chen Jian; Oh, My Goddess! by Chiyou; The Baker’s Journey by Chen Wen-Sheng; Remote Island by Adoor Yeh; Bonjour Angoulême! by Au Yao-Hsing

    Books from Taiwan Issue 5 Comics
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 4


    Put to Pasture by Huang Chun-Ming; My Enemy’s Cherry Tree by Wang Ting-Kuo; The River Darkens by Ping Lu; Beyond War by Chang Kuo-Li; Three Ways to Get Rid of Allergies by Kevin Chen; Tomato Street and Other War Zones by Lien Ming-Wei; Avalon’s Quest by Xerses; The Rocking Sky by Tommy Tan; Cats of the Floating World by Ms. Cat; Sichuan Peppers by Tsai Ming-Hsiung; Meiyi’s “Mama Style” by Hsu Meiyi



    Books from Taiwan Issue 4
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 4 Children's Books


    Axel and the Emperor’s New Clothes by Liu Ching-Yen, Chiang I-Tsun & Huang Ling-Hsing; I’m Breathing Fire! by Lai Ma; Have-to Hattie and (Her) Notebook by Bei Lynn; Mother’s Humpback Whale by Elaine Hou & Amann Wang; Lie to Me? by Jimmy Liao; I’m Not Going to Bed by Tsai Chao-Lun; The Little Camphor Tree by Chiang Chia-Yu & Chen Chi-Hsien; The Young Bannerman by Lee Ru-Qing; Can a Pond Do Magic Tricks? by Hsieh Wu-Chang & Chen Chi-Hsien; Stuck in Traffic by Zhe Ye & Liu Zhen-Xiu; Fireworks by Teng Cheng-Chi; Where’s Mommy? by Wang Chuen-Tz; The Barefoot King by Tsao Jun-Yen; Did You Fall Asleep? by Chiu Cheng-Tsung



    Books from Taiwan Issue 4 Children's Books
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 3 Comics


    The Human Condition III: Midnight in Taipei by  Wu Nien-Jen, Akimma Lee; Time Train by Jian Jia-Cheng; A Teatime Adventure by Kiya Chang; Man of Mystery by Huang Chia-Li; BABY by Chang-Sheng; Black Dreams by T.K. Zhang Shixin; Record of the Dark Wars by Wei Zhong-Cheng; Search for the Holy Seal by YinYin; The Seasoning of Happiness by Ruan Guang-Min; Scrolls of the Northern City by AKRU; 80's Dairy in Taiwan by Sean Chuang; Make a Wish, Dashi! by Keli; Kill No More by YuWo, A-Wei



    Books from Taiwan Issue 3 Comics
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 3



    Stories of the Sahara by Sanmao; The Girl and the Woodcutter by Kan Yao-Ming; The Stolen Bicycle by Wu Ming-Yi; The Unspeakable by Belinda Chang; Dear Child by Essay Liu; The Shadow by Chu Yu-Hsun; S.T.E.P. by Mr Pets & Chan Ho-Kei; Kora by Hsieh Wang-Ling; Princess Snivels by Lai Ma; Granny’s Favourite Toy by Bei Lynn



    Daughters of Hamasen by Wang Tsung-Wei; Snapshots of a Small Town by Chen Yu-Hang; My Girls: To All the Ones I Hurt Along the Way by Mag Hsu; Last_year@alu.bar by Ho Ching-Pin; Welcome to the Dollhouse by Huang Li-Chun; The Illusionist on the Skywalk by Wu Ming-Yi; Black Wings by Syaman Rapongan; To My Sister by Yen Yun-Nung; City of Motels by Chang Ching-Hung; Su Beng: An Oral History by Su Beng Oral History Group; From Taiwan to the World and Back by Lo Fu-Chen & Chen Jou-Chin; Pickle Dishes in Thirty Minutes by Amanda



    Books from Taiwan Issue 3
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 2 Picture Books


    1 Becomes 100 by Julia Liu; The Black Dog That Could Plow by Chen Jing-Cong and Tu Hsiao-Erh; The Little Magpie and the Rocky Hill by Liu Ching-Yen and Tsai Chao-Lun; Yi’s Turtle by Kao Ying-Hsueh; Paradise in No Man’s Land by Lee Ru-Qing; Lord of the Earth and His Twelve Children by Wang Ching; I Saw a Bird by Liu Bor-Leh; Let’s Go Fishing by Chiu Cheng-Tsung; I Can’t See by Tsai Chao-Lun; First Chair Cellist by Wang Wen-Hua and Amann Wang; The Rainbow of Time by Jimmy Liao; Animal Hospital No. 39 by Lee Chin-Lun; The Most Beautiful Flower of Them All by Huang Jian-Wei and Chien Yin; My Asian Elephant Handbook by Chang Dung-Chun and Huang Li-Chen; Blue Eye Calls Small Ears by Huang Yu-Hsin, Huang Yu-Chen, Wang Pin-Han and Wang Pin-Jie


    Books from Taiwan Issue 2 Picture Books
  • Books from Taiwan Issue 2



    Swallow Dance by Chu Shao-Lin; So Hot, So Cold by Wang Ting-Kuo; A Traveler’s Guide to Ride-Sharing by Tsou Yung-Shan; Witch Way by Badai; Phantom Harbour by Ho Ching-Yao; Motoko Smiles by Joy Chaung; Virtua Street by Mr. Pets; The Moonlight Trilogy by Chang Chia-Hua; The Nowhere Trilogy by Tsen Peng-Wei & Bei Lynn; Tristes Frontières by Annpo Huang; The Chapel by the Sea by Nicholas Fan



    Ground Zero by Egoyan Zheng; The Offshore Island Bible by Ho Chih-Ho; The Tree Fort on Carnation Lane by Ho Chih-Ho; Whatever Anna Wants by Hua Bo-Rong; Private Eyes by Chi Wei-Jan; Killing Ghosts by Kan Yao-Ming; The Waiting Room by Tsou Yung-Shan; The Dark Backward by Hsu Chia-Tse; Albatross Forever by Liu Ka-Shiang; Who Awaits You, on That Sparkling Silver Plane by Jane Jian



    Books from Taiwan Issue 2
  • Books from Taiwan Inaugural Issue

    Floating by C.F. Hu

    War of the Bubbles by Kao Yi-Feng

    The Borrowed by Chan Ho-Kei

    Children of the Saltpans by Tsai Suh-Fen

    An Unlikely Banquet by Chang Kuo-Li 

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Wolf Hsu

    Mother Earth by Chiu Zu-Yin

    Human Nature by Lu Chiu-Yuan

    Secret Diary of a Ballerina by Ballet Monsters


    Books from Taiwan Inaugural Issue