Mar 16, 2017
Books from Taiwan - Issue 5
by Books from Taiwan

The fifth issue of BFT’s catalogue is hot off the press! In this biannual publication, we feature a select list of works, ranging from fiction and non-fiction titles, children’s books and comics.




Adults & Children’s Books


Hometown at Dusk by Roan Ching-Yueh

Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong by Ma Ka-Fai

Burning Bright by Cheng Ying-Shu

Aaron the Fox by Wang Mei-Hui & Chen Pin-Rui

Little Things I, II by Jay Yeh, Bei Lynn, Tsui Li-Chun, Yang Li-Ling, Chien Yin, Tai Pera, Yu Chia-Chi, Ho Yun-Tzu, Claire Cheng, Tsai Chia-Hua, Li Yi-Ting

The Squirrel and the Banyan Tree by Zhou Jian-Xin

Silhouettes by Sun Hsin-Yu

Adventure at Night by Liao Shu-Ti

I Want Some! and Do You Want Some? by Huang Yu-Chin & Tsao Juei-Chih


Download Issue 5 here.




Rites of Returning by Zuo Hsuan

The Taming of the Warrior by You Gui-Xiu

Scroll of a Northern City II by AKRU

Oldman by Chang-Sheng; Big City, Little Things by HOM

Son of the Sea by Chen Jian; Oh, My Goddess! by Chiyou

The Baker’s Journey by Chen Wen-Sheng; Remote Island by Adoor Yeh

Bonjour Angoulême! by Au Yao-Hsing


Download Issue 5 Comics here.