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  • Natascha Bruce

    Natascha is a translator from the UK, brand-newly based in Hong Kong. She started translating in 2011, working on scripts and subtitles for Taiwanese films. She discovered the joys of literary translation in 2015, while working on a story by the Hong Kong author, Dorothy Tse (joint first prize, Bai Meigui translation award, 2015). In the year since, she has worked on short stories by authors including Dai Lai, Ye Zhou and Xu Xiaobin, for places such as Pathlight, The Bellingham Review and Paper Republic.

  • Darryl Sterk

    With a PhD in East Asian Studies, specialising in Taiwan literature and aboriginal representation, Darryl Sterk is Assistant Professor in the Graduate Program in Translation and Interpretation at National Taiwan University. He has translated short stories for the Taipei Chinese Pen for years, and Wu Ming-Yi's novel THE MAN WITH THE COMPOUND EYES. His most recent, as yet unpublished, work of translation is Egoyan Zheng's GROUND ZERO. He is currently working on a Chinese translation of N. Scott Momaday's HOUSE MADE OF DAWN.
  • Helen Wang

    Helen Wang lives in the UK. She translates Chinese fiction (including children's books). She has degrees in Chinese (BA) and Archaeology (PhD) and is a curator at the British Museum. https://britishmuseum.academia.edu/HelenWang/
  • Jennifer Feeley

    Jennifer Feeley holds a PhD in East Asian Languages and Literatures from Yale University. She translates contemporary Chinese poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Her translations have been published in journals and collections such as The Taipei Chinese PEN, FIELD, Tinfish, Cha, and Chinese Writers on Writing. She is the translator of Not Written Words: Selected Poems of Xi Xi.

  • Joshua Dyer

    Joshua Dyer is a Beijing-based freelance translator and contributing editor at Pathlight. His previous translations have appeared inTaiwan Literature English Translation SeriesSt. Petersburg ReviewLEAP: The International Art Magazine of Contemporary China, and Pathlight. He holds an MA in East Asian Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara.

  • Michelle M. Wu

    Michelle M. Wu is Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at National Taiwan University's Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. She has been translating and interpreting since graduating from the Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation Studies at Fujen Catholic University in 1992. She has translated essays and short stories for the Taipei Chinese PEN for many years, as well as Hsiao Li-hung's A THOUSAND MOONS ON A THOUSAND RIVERS, which was published by Columbia University Press in 2000. She is currently working on the translation of Tsou Yung-Shan’s novel, THE WAITING ROOM.
  • Nick Stember

    Nick Stember is a translator and historian of Chinese comics and science fiction. In 2015 he completed his Master of Arts in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia. His articles and translations have been published inThe International Journal of Comic Art, Clarkesworld Magazine, LEAP: The International Art Magazine of Contemporary China, Pathlight, and The China Story Yearbook.

  • Robert Fox

    Robert Fox is a PhD student at National Taiwan Normal University's Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, and a long time resident of Taiwan.