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  • Anna Holmwood

    Anna Holmwood is a literary translator working from Chinese and Swedish. She has published three novels and as well as short stories and poems, and is currently translating martial arts phenomenon, Jin Yong, for MacLehose Press. She co-founded the Emerging Translators Network in 2011 and was elected to the committee of the UK Translators Association in 2012.
  • Eleanor Goodman

    Eleanor Goodman’s book of translations, Something Crosses My Mind: Selected Poems of Wang Xiaoni (Zephyr Press, 2014) was the recipient of a 2013 PEN/Heim Translation Grant and winner of the 2015 Lucien Stryk Prize. The book was also shortlisted for the International Griffin Prize. She is a Research Associate at Harvard University’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies. She is at work on several new translations, including a collection of poetry by Zang Di and a book of short stories by Wang Xiaoni.

  • Roddy Flagg

    Roddy Flagg accidentally moved to China after graduating in something entirely irrelevant, and surprised himself by ending up earning a living translating Chinese and running websites. He left China after ten years and is now living in London, where he continues to surprise himself.