• It was a great experience, that everybody was really eager to learn and totally devoted to their job. The workshop was perfectly organized and I learned a lot from my fellows.

    Mona Lang, 2019
  • A most profound, enriching and inspiring experience and a brilliant chance for exchange across all borders which led to a deeper understanding not only of the Taiwanese bookmarket, culture and history but other markets as well.

    Tim Jung, 2018
  • It was truly an amazing experience that I will remember forever. As it was my first visit to Asia I couldn't expect it to be any better. The Workshop gave me a lot of insight into different markets and approaches to publishing, it is hard to even describe how much I have learned about the culture and the Taiwanese Book Market.

    Joanna Maciuk, 2018
  • Incredible experience both on the level of cultural immersion and professional engagement.

    Kelly Farber, 2018
  • It is a very rich experience, professionnally and personally.

    Gracedieu Marie-Pierre, 2017
  • A very interesting, well-organised and extremely fun fellowship.

    Tomaso Biancardi, 2017
  • It has changed my way of working: first, because I've understood that Taiwan is the only open door to the Chinese-speaking market, and that the Western editors and agents that have had the privilege to attend the Taipei Rights Workshop have now the responsability to deepen on the publication of Chinese and Taiwanese authors abroad.

    Marta Rossich, 2015
  • To participate in the Taiwan Rights Workshop was one of the best experiences in my publishing career. I learned a lot about Taiwan and the Taiwanese market, everything was very interesting, useful, extremely well and cleverly organised.

    Francesca Varotto, 2015
  • I learned a great deal about Taiwan, and came away with a strong sense of its vitality and creativity.

    Michael Heyward, 2015